[Sintron] 3d Printer Full Complete Kit for Reprap Prusa i3 ,With Mega 2560 , Ramps 1.4, Latest Mk3 Heatbed,lcd 2004 ,Mk8 Extruder


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(1)We have made necessary design to prevent “jammed” problem.
(2) Print area : 200m*200mm*200mm
(3)Compatible with ABS and PLA 1.75mm.

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package deal checklist :

mechanical portions:

1. arcrylic frome kit ( screws & nuts included )

2. easy and threaded kit ( nuts & washing machine included )

3. revealed plastic kit , manufactured from PLA. ( screws & nuts included )

please realize : plastic portions have a few usual mistakes , that you should want to drill it with equipment.

4. 2 desktops of GT2 pulley + GT2 2m belt. ( for x & y axis motion )

5. 12 desktops LM8UU bearings. ( for linear motion )

6. 4 desktops MF1045 bearings ( for belt )

7. 2 desktops coupling ( for z axis )

electronics portions :

8. 1 desktops ramps 1.4

9. 1 desktops arduino-Appropriate mega 2560 with USB cable

10. 5 desktops A4988 motive force with heatsink

11. LCD 2004 controller

12. good adapter + ribbon cable

13. MK8 extruder + hotend with Fan. ( default is for 1.75mm filament 0.4mm nozzle )

14. 6 desktops endstop with cable

15. 5 desktops Nema 17 motors ( one is already hooked up to MK8 extruder )

16. MK3 warmth mattress with springs

17. 12v 10A energy supply (no longer pictured)

18. a number of nylon ties

for the guide , you’ll pass to right here to test . http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_Build_Manual ( a few is probably not precisely the similar , as a result of we upgrade a few pieces design , however as a DIYer , you must be simple to determine how it’s performed , or simply contact us , we will be able to help you recognise)

mainly the adaptation is the acrylic body , and likewise the z motor plastics , as a result of this section is changed via acrylic , then others are the similar .

there are lots of portions for this , every now and then it’s conceivable a few were given issues.

if this is the case , please be happy to contact for tech beef up !!
(1)We’ve got made important design to forestall “jammed” downside.
(2) Print space : 200m*200mm*200mm
(3)Appropriate with ABS and PLA 1.75mm.
(four)We no longer simply promote them, we additionally supply just right after-gross sales service, so welcome to talk about with us, we will be able to attempt to do technical beef up up to we will.
(five) take a look at video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-MTabg3bYw&function=youtu.be

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