Mini USB Laser Engraving Machine

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DIY laser engraving machine
ships from china
Power: 200mW

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options: has a grayscale printing serve as Laser Energy adjustable, low mild positioning, grey print burn time is adjustable engraved has a low-mild positioning serve as with a loose positioning serve as the device is unassuming. (Multi-language, the machine shows in English, Conventional Chinese language, English machine shows in English) of the USB interface is a pc computer can be utilized. Specifiction Interface: USB Enter Voltage: a hundred and twenty-240v Overall Energy: <5w Laser Energy: 250mw the illusion of dimension: 14cm * 14cm * 15.5cm Engraving house: 80mm * 75mm (most) Carved item top restrict: 40mm Steady running duration: 5 Hrs Accuracy: 0.01mm Engraving fabrics:picket, bamboo, coloured plastic(telephone shells), leather-based, seals, cardboard, playing cards (a wide variety of credit cards, cut price playing cards) 1. 2.5X laser depth: in reality 250mW laser head, Extra upper pace, strengthen Extra varieties of fabrics. 2. 2.5X engraving house: 8cm * 7.5 cm carving house, biggest vary of mini laser engraver in AliExpress. 3. Mounted engraving platform: progressed finding machine, each X & Y axes are located through transferring the laser head. Extra heavier gadgets may also be carved, carving consequence Extra obviously and stabilized. 4. One-step molding era injection molding plastic shell and equipment: Extra gorgeous and forged 5. low noise 6. device improve to strengthen vector define Engraving, Extra options, Extra solid
DIY laser engraving system
ships from china
Energy: 200mW
dimension: 80mm * 80mm

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