Everlast PowerTig 250EX AC DC TIG Stick Pulse Welder 220/240 Volt Inverter

$1,699.00 (as of October 7, 2017, 11:18 pm)

250 Amp AC/DC Pulse TIG /200 Amp DC Stick Welder
Work clamp with cable
SMAW electrode holder

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Options & Advantages – Solid, clean arc features with just right puddle rainy in. – Transportable and light-weight with commercial capacity. – Adjustable weld parameters for 2t/4t operation. – Pulse serve as will increase weld high quality at the same time as lowering total warmth enter. – Simple to attach torch and equipment permit fast setup. – Attach to scrub energy generator for “move any place” functions. – Virtual readout for correct environment of amperage controls. – Colour coded controls are Simple to search out and be aware. – Ergonomic styled torch and equipment. – Appropriate to be used with 10,000W “blank energy” turbines
250 Amp AC/DC Pulse TIG /2 hundred Amp DC Stick Welder
Paintings clamp with cable
SMAW electrode holder
6 toes energy enter cable
Argon regulator
Consumable starter percent
Foot Pedal

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