Enclosure for Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer

$129.99 (as of October 7, 2017, 10:09 pm)

Clear 3mm Acrylic Panels
Latching Hinged door
Easy Assembly

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Acrylic enclosure equipment designed as an upload-on for the Lulzbot Mini 3-D printer (NOTE: THE PRINTER IS NOT INCLUDED, THIS IS JUST THE ADD-ON ENCLOSURE FOR YOUR PRINTER. YOU MUST PURCHASE THE PRINTER SEPARATELY). This Enclosure Comprises panels for facets and bay inserts for the entrance again of your Lulzbot Mini 3-D printer. Simple to gather and Set up. No equipment are required to put in it. Comprises directions for not obligatory spool arm improve (consumer printable). This enclosure is a 3rd celebration upload-on designed for this printer. It’s not whatsoever an authorized, licensed, or supported by way of the printer producer. The Lulzbot title is a registered trademark of of Aleph Gadgets Inc, that is not at all related to this enclosure or TabSynth Layout Works LLC.
Transparent 3mm Acrylic Panels
Latching Hinged door
Simple Meeting
Set up with out editing your printer body
Improves Print high quality, reduces warping

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