Baileigh SW-95 Dual Operator Hydraulic Ironworker, 3-Phase 220V, 95 Ton Pressure

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220 Volts 3 phase
Vertical movement
Stroke control

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Baileigh ironworker is a staple for any steel Operating save, the should have do all software. And whilst the ones retail outlets need to build up productiveness, they appear to a Twin operator taste device for the solution. With 95 heaps of punching energy and 123 heaps of shearing and notching power, the ironworker is the easiest possibility. Being a Twin operator device, the ironworker will permit operators on each and every finish of the device to paintings concurrently with out lack of energy at both station. The ironworker is a real five station ironworker, those stations come with punching, notching, flat bar shearing, perspective shearing, and bar shearing. Even supposing those stations don’t seem to be distinctive to the SW-ninety five, what is exclusive is the way in which during which they serve as. The ironworker makes use of all vertical motion to accomplish all purposes. That is accomplished via using vertical hydraulic cylinders. spherical bar shear: 1.seventy five-inches; rectangle notcher: 2-inches width by means of 3.five-inches intensity by means of 0.five-inches Top; unmarried vee press brake: 9.875-inches duration by means of 0.625-inches Top; punch capability: 1.062-inches by means of 0.875-inches; punching power: 95 heaps; pipe notching: 4.four-inches; multi vee press Brake: 19.625-inches duration by means of 0.187-inches Top; notching Operating Top: 41.three-inches; throat intensity: sixteen-inches; vee notcher facet by means of facet: 4.1-inches by means of 4.1-inches x 0.five-inches; Operating Top: 41.three-inches; sq. bar shear: 1.seventy five-inches by means of 1.seventy five-inches; perspective shearing Operating Top: 40.nine-inches; perspective shearing at 90 level : hundred twenty five-inches by means of hundred twenty five-inches by means of .five-inches; perspective bending: four-inches by means of .312-inches; perspective flange trim: four-inches; blade duration: hundred twenty five-inches; massive V notcher facet by means of facet: 5.seventy five-inches by means of 5.seventy five-inches by means of .375-inches; most stroke duration: 3.ninety three-inches; dimension: 2-inches diameter by means of .five-inches thickness; Cycles/Minimal: 38 at 15-millimeter; flat bar shearing: sixteen-inches by means of .seventy five-inches; Flat Shearing Operating Top: 28.five-inches; and tool: 220 volt three-segment.
220 Volts 3 segment
Vertical motion
Stroke regulate
Jog mode
Twin operator

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