ARKSEN© ARC Welder 250AMP Rated Input Voltage, 110V/220V, Dual Mode

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Rated Input Voltage: 110V/220V Dual Mode – Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
No-Load Voltage: 48V – Current Range: 70-250A – Rated Duty: 10%
Rated Input Capacity: 14.2 KVA – Class Of Insulation: H – Stick Rod Diameter: 2mm-4mm

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Designed for shielded steel arc welding, this tough arc welder in a position to welds with Much less arc blow and more uncomplicated begins. The arc welder is designed with a -approach Maintain for simple portability from process to process. Welding cable with a multi-perspective electrode holder and thermal overload Coverage with fan cooling.

•Moveable 250 AMP ARC welder
•Unmarried section, fan cooled
•Stick electrode welding gadget for MMA welding in alternating Present AC
•Stepless legislation of welding Present with thermostatic protection
•CE Listed

Usable electrodes: Rutile
Rated Enter voltage: a hundred and ten/220v
No load voltage: 48V
Current Vary: 60-250 AMP
Rated Responsibility: 10% at 250 AMP
Input Capability: 14 KVA
Class of insulation: H
Usable electrodes: five/sixty four” to 7/32″
**No energy plug integrated,220V wiring really useful **

Package Contents:
•250 Amp Arc Welder w/Wheel
•Chipping Hammer/ Cord Brush
•Cable Ground
•Face Mask

Rated Enter Voltage: 110V/220V Twin Mode – Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
No-Load Voltage: 48V – Present Vary: 70-250A – Rated Responsibility: 10%
Rated Enter Capability: 14.2 KVA – Elegance Of Insulation: H – Stick Rod Diameter: 2mm-4mm
Comes With 2 Wheels – Step Much less Present Regulator – Thermostatic Coverage
Fan Cooled – Best Mount Maintain

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