3 in 1 New STAHLWERK CT 520 DC Inverter MMA/TIG/ Welding Machine Welder Plasma Cutter Cutting Machine

$999.00 (as of October 7, 2017, 9:46 pm)

TIG welder with 200 amp
Manual metal arc welding (MMA) with 200 amp
Plasma cuter with 50 amp / CUT 50

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Serve as 1: DC TIG 200 A

• Gasoline submit float time: saves the tungsten electrode in opposition to over the top put on and protects the weld from oxidation.

• HF Ignition: Top-frequency contactless ignition to the steel.

Serve as 2: Air Plasma CUT- 50

The pro plasma cutter combines the complex TOSHIBA MOSFET inverter era. By way of V – MOSFET era, the software has a Top Responsibility cycle of 60%. For approximately 13 years, this era is confirmed to the IGBT gadget Transfer at the hand grip (an identical fashions paintings with cable ties)

Slicing energy as much as 12 mm, relying on subject matter:

• Development steel ST37 as much as 12 mm

• V2A as much as 8 mm

• Aluminium as much as 7-eight mm

Serve as 2: Air Plasma CUT- 50

Serve as three: Guide steel arc welding (MMA) with 200 amp:

• 60% Einschaltdauer bei 200 Ampere !!!

What forms of electrodes can be utilized:

1) Unalloyed steels TYP R3, A5 und AR 7

2) For sheets as much as 3 mm electrode R3 – diameter 1,5 mm, 2,00mm, 2,5 mm.

three) For more potent fabrics electrode R3 – diameter 3,25 mm and 4,00 mm.

four) V-welds and pipes/tubes will have to be welded with electrodes A5 and AR7


· Antistick: prevents annealing of the electrode (much less consumable electrodes), for the reason that energy is instantly terminated. Scorching Get started: Automated voltage building up in the beginning

· Carry Ignition: involved with the workpiece

· Automated cooling ventilators
·MMA welding with rutile and elementary covered electrodes for all un-and occasional-and Top-alloy steels, nickel and copper alloys as much as 4,2 mm

Rated voltage AC 220 V ± 10%
Enter frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Enter present 4,5 KVA
Responsibility cycle at 200 A
(for Plasma cutter at 50 A) 60%
Responsibility cycle at 150 A
(for Plasma cutter at 30 A) one hundred%
Show of output present/
For Plasma cutter 10 ~ 200 A /
10 – 50 A
Overcurrent coverage 16 A
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 423 x 173 x 273 mm
weld Depth 0,8 bis 10 mm
Slicing energy 12 mm
Protection magnificence IP 21
TIG welder with 200 amp
Guide steel arc welding (MMA) with 200 amp
Plasma cuter with 50 amp / CUT 50
Top potency with virtual inverter welding era
TIG welding of 0.8 up to10 mm with persistently top quality. Additionally skinny sheet welding is conceivable.

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